Sound Advice: Individual Solutions


As an independent clinic, we offer a broad selection of the world’s best assistive technology to our patients. With a long history in hearing rehabilitation, we can guide you through the forest of various makes and models, towards the specific strengths of each hearing aid, as it will best suit you. Or, if you have always had great results from one particular brand, we can supply and fit their newest products, and cheaper than our competitors as well!

At Half Price Hearing, we have no favoured hearing aid brands, except those that have delivered results for us and our patients, as it suits your budget.

Our unique pricing structure allows the world’s best technology to become more affordable.  Better technology equals fewer quibbles, easier listening and better communication in the presence of extraneous sounds.  Affordable hearing aids and premium devices, means an end to lost clients and staff through awkward communication and there is no more hiding away from social functions.

Our flat pricing scale also removes our self-interest in your final choice.  When we recommend premium technology at Half Price Hearing, that recommendation is free of other considerations.

Before you step through our door, consider what improved hearing means to you. Together, we’ll have a conversation about where and when your hearing falls short and what that means to you as a person. Everyone is different and we believe in the best solution for the individual.

At Half Price Hearing we work in healthcare, not in sales. We never use selling scripts nor hold our clinical staff to monthly sales targets. We are genuinely interested in improving the lives of our patients through improved communication and social interactions. Come and talk to us today out the effect hearing is having on your well-being; We listen harder so that you might hear better.

We stand behind every hearing aid fitting with a 30 day, money back guarantee.