Don’t wait too long

Did you know that on average, people wait around six years longer than they should to be fitted with hearing aids? That’s six years of lost quality of life through grumpy spouses, lost productivity at work, unrewarding family gatherings, increased fatigue and perceived anti-social tendencies.  If one person has a hearing loss, the whole family has a hearing problem.

It’s time to improve your hearing – those around you will be grateful.

Package Inclusions

At Half Price Hearing, hearing rehabilitation includes technical excellence throughout the hearing aid fitting and proper patient guidance. When fitting our patients with hearing aids, our total package includes:

  • Bespoke moulds (as required)
  • Best practice fitting and verification techniques
  • Fine adjustment
  • Up to an additional three review appointments (as required) in the first six months.

Be fitted with confidence, with our 100%, 30 day money back warranty.

If you’re not satisfied with your hearing aid fitting after using them for a month, you can return them to us without penalty.


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