Our clinical standards are second to none

Individuals affected by hearing impairment experience reduced quality of life because of social and communication difficulties.

The belief that simply buying hearing aids will solve these difficulties is a false one. The best outcomes for most people with hearing impairments are achieved when hearing aids are included as part of a holistic hearing rehabilitation program.

Did you know that in Australia, anyone can proclaim themselves a hearing aid specialist? At Half Price Hearing our senior audiologist has attained the highest professional qualifications available: a very rare combination of a Masters of Clinical Audiology plus a Doctor of Audiology. Choose the clinical skills and knowledge you deserve before you choose your hearing aids.

Low overheads means savings for you

At Half Price Hearing, you’ll only pay for the world’s best technology and the world’s most diligent clinical care. We keep overheads as low as possible and pass the savings on to the end user. We believe that the best possible hearing technology improves quality of life for our patients and we strive to make it affordable for everyone. We don’t believe that our patients’ long term quality of life is likely to be improved by expensive marketing, layers of management or palatial premises. We deliver the best care anywhere – no frills.

Our price list

Hearing technology can represent a significant financial investment. At Half Price Hearing much of the technology and accessories available elsewhere can be expertly fitted to you for thousands of dollars less than the total cost elsewhere.   At Half Price Hearing we have no compulsory hidden costs in addition to our quote. The total fitting price at fitting is the total price you’ll pay.

Examples of our prices include:

Phonak b90   $5950 per pair
Phonak b70   $4950 per pair

Starkey Halo2 i2400   $5,100 per pair
Starkey Halo2 i2000   $4,500 per pair

Starkey z120 $2500 per pair

Oticon Opn 1   $5,950 per pair
Oticon Opn 2   $4,900 per pair

Hansaton Sphere HD9   $5,100 per pair
Hansaton Sphere HD7   $4,100 per pair

Hansaton Jam HD3 $2500 per pair

Contact us or book an assessment today for equally competitive prices on other makes and models.

Best devices available

We are a proudly independent clinic. We are not owned by a hearing aid manufacturer and are not tied to other businesses through complicated contra arrangements. We have access to all of the world’s best brands and latest technology and present the best digital solutions to your needs.

Self-funded retiree or still in the workforce?

If you pay for your own health-care, no one offers better, nor more affordable care than Half Price Hearing.

OHS eligible and want something better?

If you are a government eligible client looking to contribute towards something better than the rudimentary, government issued hearing aids, you’ll still find us more affordable than other clinics with high-overheads. If you are shopping for standard, advanced or premium technologies, Half Price Hearing is more affordable and offers world’s best clinical practices.

Custom Moulds

Part of our ‘Best care, anywhere’ promise is our use of traditional, hand crafted ear moulds. Bespoke moulds offer superior comfort, retention and acoustic compliance compared to other production techniques. Had comfort issues with previous hearing aids? You’ll find it’s the little things that make Half Price Hearing better than the rest. Premium brands and affordable hearing aids is what we offer.