Why is there such a large cost variation in the cost of hearing aids?

At the heart of every modern hearing aid is a digital processor, at the leading edge of today’s technology and as small, fast and powerful as anything available today.  This integrated circuit is enabled by various wireless connections, sound processing strategies and microphone features and varies between makes and models.  The technology built into each aid will significantly affect the price to the patient with a pair of aids costing between $3000 and $13,000.

At Half Price Hearing, we keep our overheads low, so our patients pay only for the device and for the best clinical skills in the business, with most of our digital devices priced between 50% to 70% of our competitors.  We keep the very best hearing solutions affordable to everyone.

Why can’t I hear in background noise?

Hearing in the presence of competing sound draws on significant mental resources at the best of times.  For people with hearing difficulties, filtering out extraneous sound is more difficult still.  There are many reasons why different degradation of the auditory system will have the effect of leaving social settings less rewarding and work situations even harder.  Can we help?  Probably. Make an appointment to see us today.

Is a return period offered?

Half Price Hearing offers a full, 30 day, money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results from your hearing aids. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

What sort of aid is best for me?

There are many, many digital hearing solutions available on the market today.  Let us use our expert knowledge to guide you through the maze of advertising and discuss what is suitable for you in terms of size, shape and technological requirements.  At Half Price Hearing, we strive everyday to maximise the hearing of our patients, whatever the individual needs and the limitations of their hearing.  As an independent clinic we have access to every device in production today, regardless of brand.

Make an appointment to talk with us today.

Can I come in before or after work?

We will cheerfully provide out-of-hours appointments for people who cannot reach us in normal consulting hours.

Are home visits available?

If you have mobility issues, Half Price Hearing provides a full mobile service and will come to your bedside.

How long will a hearing aid last?

No referral is required; make an appointment whenever you’re ready.

Better hearing starts today…

The standard warranty on a hearing aid is three years.  Under normal circumstances, the life expectancy of a hearing aid is around five years.

Do I need a referral?

No referral is required; make an appointment whenever you’re ready.

Better hearing starts today…