Why hearing protection?

At Half Price Hearing, we’re committed to your very best hearing and communication.  While modern, digital hearing aids are a great all-round tool to maximise speech intelligibility for damaged hearing, the best option is always to keep as much of your own hearing for as long as possible!  Custom hearing protection is cooler than muffs in summer, more effective than pre-moulded and more comfortable than disposable foam plugs.

For daily wearer’s of hearing protection, custom plugs are a long term cost saver. And for the regular user, a fraction the cost of hearing aids.


Half Price Hearing is an approved distributor of ear-o-tec’s Variphone ear plug.

Variphone is possibly the only product in Australia and New Zealand that meets every EUHA Criteria for custom hearing protection

Swim Plugs

Swimmer’s Ear, Surfer’s Ear or a Perforated Eardrum?  Custom swim plugs will keep water from entering the ear canal, minimising complications.

And more…

Half Price Hearing provides hearing protection for shooters, motorcyclists, tradesmen and frequent flyers.

We want you to enjoy the full lifespan of your natural hearing and have an enormous range of custom products including one and two way communications, pre-set filters and combination products, all in a variety of materials.  We’ve something to suit everyone, just ask!